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avi-playerTypes of multimedia files or video files on the computer are so numerous and varied. Variations of these file types can be distinguished based on compression. Several variations of this video file can be viewed from the kind that accompanies the file name extension. Here are examples of the kinds of multimedia files:
– Files with extension MPG (*. mpg) is a type of file can be opened with a VCD or DVD Player.
– Files with extension MOV (*. mov) is an application that can be opened with QuickTime Player from Apple. MOV file format was further developed by the MPEG organization to spawn another format ie MP4 or MPEG-4 file format is one of the voice coding and image / video derivative of Quick Time. While formatted files.
– File with extension WMV (*. wmv) to use Microsoft’s ASF format carrier. This file can be run by Windows Media Player and other players, VLC media player or Media Player Classic.
– File with extension AVI (*. avi) is a multimedia file format that adjusts the audio with video. AVI files also have some degree of compression which can later affect the size of the AVI file.

To adapt to the variations of this type of file then the player software multimedia files also vary with the various features available and tailored to the compatibility of existing computer operating systems such as Macintosh, Linux, MS Windows, and so on.
For those of us who use computers with the Mac operating system, no need to worry to play AVI on Mac, because it has released software to run multimedia files with the name Elmedia Player for Mac – free AVI player for Mac Eltima which is a software production. We can find interesting features of the software, and then we can immediately download the software for free by visiting the site

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