Phenomena of Solar Storm


solar-storm2012 are based on various prophecies, but now even the science, in particular NASA, ESA and the U.S. Academy of Sciences say we may have a violent solar storm, due to an abnormal bubble of plasma from the sun to our proietatta planet.These storms occur every eleven-year cycles, occurred in 2000, 1989, 1978 and so on. This wave of electrons invest the Earth, penetrating the atmosphere overloading all the plants and electrical equipment, as a sort of short circuit that would have drastic consequences on our planet crashed all the flats we depend on electricity.

The fear and anxiety is that all or most are familiar with the solar storm occurred September 1, 1859 which knelt telegraph systems to knock out transmission lines even caused fires in telegraph offices. 
If everything happens the effects would be devastating, today we all depend on electricity elettrodipendenti, just think of the cooling system (such as refrigerators, would not be possible to keep the food) will not work most precious good water for humans, not more communications on wheels, water, rail and air, but do not want to say everything and say everything is set dipedente and electricity.
It ‘really the end of the world who had prophesied the Maya?

It is not easy to answer this question: “For the Maya 21 December 2012 ends a cycle astrological” ending was the fifth (actually the end was giving way to the Age of the fish aquarium) more on this date the Land should be aligned with the Sun and the center of our galaxy, among other things for the people is the ancient kingdom of the gods, from which the lords of heaven descend back to Earth.
The alignment of our planet to the Sun are related to the Nibiru planet, which will contribute to this alignment with its mass and its gravity will affect the solar flux and the other planets, and precisely because of this alignment, the Sun could lead to solar storms.
But back to reality, the only incogruenza NASA is the date, in fact, among the articles of NASA says that a phenomenon similar to that of 1859. The term solar flare is also used for a similar phenomenon and occurs in other stars besides the sun. A burst of sun in this solar storm events will affect all layers of the solar atmosphere (photosphere, corona and chromosphere). Most of the bursts of solar storms occur in active regions around sunspots. Shot of the sun on the phenomena of solar storms for the first time observed by an astronomer from England, named Richard Christopher Carrington in 1859.

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