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Although old enough, the technology of XML and its derivatives are still used in all the features and services on the Internet, ranging from a web browser, which reads HTML (written in a derivative of XML format), as well as the configuration of the browser also uses XML. Communication between services that use XML, streaming social media (such as tweeter, YouTube, Facebook) that use XML, the Simple storage format is XML, and image are widely used in Wikipedia with SVG format, RSS, Atom. For aggregation that blogging also uses XML, PDF and eBook format for tablet created using XML and SVG are in layouts with XSL-FO.

In its development, XML technology has been strengthened with the Ajax programming. AJAX is a new technique in the web world is a blend of JavaScript and XML. With AJAX data access to the server can be faster than the typical web mechanism for the AJAX does not need to perform the process of loading the entire web page, just part of a required course. And specifically for data access, use can also be extended to other applications, such as with MS Access. To integrate or convert XML to Access, can use XML to Access Converter software. This application is part of the function of Total Excel Converter. This application is a powerful application of CoolUtils. For more information on XML to Access Converter, and you can download it for free, go to the website located at http://www.coolutils.com/Convert-XML-Access

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