Writing as a career


Maybe it’s just some people who choose writing as a career, or even just a handful of people who are thinking of writing as a career made permanent in life. Because not a writer makes writing as their main career earning, or as a main job. It could be just a hobby, extra skills or additional income is done occasionally. Sending various short writings such as essays, papers, reviews, travelogues, social activities, field trips, to short stories and novels to the media or magazine publishers, are all ways to start a writing career. In addition to sending the results of our paper to the publishers or the media directly, the more effective is to send the results of our paper online through sites on the Internet. Writing career can be done online perpetually suffice lot, from reviewing products on line store, writing blog content, so moderator in the forum paid, to be a member of the online writing websites that provide opportunities for our career with them.

One site that gives us the opportunity for a career in accordance with our expertise in creative writing is in http://www.onlinejobsfor.me/. At this site, we can make the expertise in writing as a means of earning money, either full time or as a side job that is the condition we were able to do the writing, such as: dissertation, essay, resume, and the like, then we have to register as a member in Online Job site.

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