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Research skill is one of the professional skills that must be possessed by students. Therefore, through the curriculum of undergraduate education students develop research skills, and present the results of research into a written report, such as write a research paper, research reports and thesis. Writing thesis or final report is basically a culmination phase of training students to develop the ability to examine them. Written research plan describes the research background, the problems studied, the purpose and benefits of the research, as well as the implementation procedures of the study, called the research proposal, which is more popularly referred to as the research proposal. Meanwhile, after the study is completed, the student should develop “a research report or research paper”, to be submitted to the lecturers, research founders, and other interested parties as a result of accountability of research activities. Therefore the ability to develop proposals and research papers are very important for students.

Problems are common and almost always done by students at the research proposal is that it is still confused and not their respective ideologies to what students would write. And also constraints often occur when the student has completed the research and when it will be working on research reports. This would be very detrimental to students in terms of the value of college, as well as accountability to the faculty and the relevant parties. If you are experiencing this, then do not waste all of that because the future of college you will be useless too. Overcome all your difficulties in preparing research proposals, making research papers, as well as the final project, and other writing tasks on the site are professional, quick to serve the needs of your writing assignments, as well as the writings of the original, by visiting a site located at http://www.writing-research-papers.org/

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