Windows 8 Metro Apps


Microsoft over the past year is always the name of the Metro interface for Windows 8 operating system. Metro name refers to the design of such plots form the floor, and colorful. This view, and the name of the Metro itself, has become a hallmark of Windows 8. Metro Style Apps is a method of developing a new Windows application that has the look simple, but elegant look, for example, can be seen from the applications in Windows Phone 7. Metro name has now been changed to Windows 8-style UI, because the name of the Metro was first registered by another party in Europe as a trademark. Despite the name and appearance of the Metro has been so entrenched in some quarters, and the application developers and computer software, as well as mobile phones. Major Metro is also the term used for display on mobile phones based on Windows Phone and Xbox game consoles. In fact, Metro is also used in the office software preview version of Office 2013.

Windows 8 can be regarded as a multi-device. Multi-device in question here is any device with Windows 8 operating system (PC, laptop, tablet, Smartphone) can run Metro Style Apps the same time, without the need for any conversion. Because now the mobile era, most people want to be able to access data and applications from any device quickly and practically, and do not miss the trend. With Windows 8, a programmer gets the advantage of developing your only need one time to many kinds of devices (just has not been established for screen resolution issues), and a user application can obtain a consistent application even if used on a different device. For more information on Windows 8 Metro Style Apps and to consult about it all.

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