Water container


Natural disasters are a part of the events that always lurks life on this earth. Can be a disaster because of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunami, tornado, flood, landslides, wildfires, drought, pestilence, and so on. Small-scale disasters which can be caused by human negligence, thereby causing damage to the environment, local fires, and the like. While large-scale disasters are disasters caused by natural factors, soil texture, and climatic factors that exist in one place. All types of disasters we will certainly reject his arrival, but when disaster strikes, then we must be prepared to deal with all kinds of ability, effort, and existing facilities in order to minimize the number of casualties, as well as ensuring the safety of victims of the disaster-affected . Be a shared responsibility and especially by the relevant agencies, in the event of a disaster for evacuation in the right place, with various facilities in an adequate evacuation, medicines, clean water facilities, bulk water containers and sufficient water container, food and appropriate clothing for the victims.

As part of a social agency or agencies responsible for the full when a disaster occurs, then all the facilities needed in the event of a disaster shall maintain its existence and needed to be an audit or evaluation, so that when there is a shortage we can immediately buy it at the right store, which is in the Disaster Recovery Store. If we are not part of the organization directly responsible in the event of a disaster, then as a form of care we can provide assistance to disaster victims, with food, beverages, drugs, money, or in the form of goods urgently needed for those in shelters. One example of things we can give is to donate the water drum or container of water. Drum of water is very beneficial and can be used by many people in the camps, so appropriate for us to give. If we are far from the disaster area or refugee camps, then we can buy a drum of water and immediately deliver the goods we will donate it to the refugee camps. True, all we can do it easily, please go to the site of the Disaster Recovery Store, aka select items that we purchase to be donated, and then do a transaction online, and give the address of delivery of goods to the designated evacuation location. Easy, is not it? For more information, please go to the site located in http://www.disasterrecoverystore.com

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