Visa Ukraine


Travel abroad for tourism, business and affairs of the school to continue the work that requires much special preparation such as funding needs, accommodation, transportation and adaptation when it was already in the destination or after arriving in other countries. Before leaving, we must first check the requirements tailored to the country of destination, because the conditions of course vary in each country. Then also have to determine what type of visa that will be created, as a student visa, visa for travel, visa for business, visa for work, and visa for other purposes.

For general visa is usually taken care / assisted by a travel agent departure, and for a student visa often be handled by education consultant. Visa policy by individual countries of course differ from other countries, as well as the terms are different. For visa Ukraine has issued new regulations governing the issuance procedure entry and transit visas for foreigners and citizens of Ukraine. New rules governing the procedure for issuing entry visas and transit in Ukraine for foreigners and stateless persons as well as storage and transfer of the label blank visa agencies, destruction of subject labels visa and documents entitling to cross the state border within the border traffic. For detailed information about Ukrainian visas, please visit

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