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The continued development of Internet technology and human needs will lead to the rapid development of information technology and hosting services. Broadly speaking there are two types of hosting which we are familiar. Virtual Private Server (VPS) and dedicated servers are two types of web hosting services. On a VPS package, customers rent one part of the server, while on a dedicated server, customers rent the entire server. When using the VPS, your site will receive a portion of the server hosting the resources. Generally, VPS hosting package customer will get a guaranteed gain a certain amount of server resources. VPS customers have the flexibility to install their own software and to reboot the server to be part of its quota.

Unlike a VPS, dedicated servers leased by the customer so that all hosting server resources are owned by the customers. In addition, a dedicated server is usually allowing customers to have more control over the software and a variety of customization on the settings. Consequently, dedicated server hosting packages are generally more expensive than VPS hosting. Selection of hosting is very important for website owners and developers, as it will affect the performance of site you have. Selection of hosting and web hosting package should really be considered, apart from the budget which is owned, professional hosting provider, hosting existing technology, and also online support service for customers. These things can be proved by using the rental service hosting, whether VPS or dedicated server, is to be consumers at a site located in

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