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In the activities of a company or organization every day, usually takes his name in addition to the flow of data communication. Lots of communication both internally and between branches of the company, which we unknowingly have an impact on operating costs or fancy term Operational Expenses. One solution could be an option for any company or organization to reduce the factors that affect operating expenses by step :
1 . Applying technology in communicating with implementing VoIP IP PBX extension as a center for providers
2 . In parallel provide IP phone or softphone to the user, so the user both in internal communication or branches or mobile users are not impeded during no internet connection
3 . Using a professional VoIP service

Many VOIP services that we can choose to save on communication costs long term, not just for the ease of communication between countries, but also provides the facility VOIP of virtual number which is also known as DID Control. What and how the features of DID Control, please explore more complete information on the site is located in

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