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Video editing process prior to the Multimedia technology requires space and time are very large. Not to mention the substantial costs as well to have the supporting tools. Before the use of a computer to do the editing, the video editor still use manual way, such as cutting the parts that are not used and connect the image to be used. Along with the development of science and technology, the technology of video editing is also progressing rapidly. Now the video editor has a new option to be able to do work around the video and image processing on a computer device with the help of video editing software and image processing such as Altami Studio.

Altami Studio is an application for editing video and images, made ??from Altamisoft. Many interesting features are presented by Altami Studio, such as: Live measuring and image processing, measurement and markup Abilities Powerful, Great capture devices integration, numerous raster operations, Automatic shape detectors, and many more features of video editing and image manipulation can be done. For more information about Altami Studio, please visit the website located at



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