Video downloader software


For leisure there are many options we can do, without having to go outdoors or out of town trips that require a lot of cost and preparation. Because only a notebook or tablet PC that is connected to the internet, we can fill our free time with a variety of online entertainment. Entertainments we can do online include: playing games online watch TV online, online shopping, see a video online, downloading, and so forth. To watch video online, we already know one of the largest video sharing sites is YouTube. By opening YouTube, we can see the various videos, from video footage of sports, funny videos, various kinds of video tutorials, movie trailers, video unique, science videos, video skills, and so on. Not only to see it, but we also had the opportunity to download or catch videos from YouTube is to be stored on our computers.

A condition that must be held to catchvideo of YouTube is using video downloader software. One of the powerful software to download the video is RealPlayer. RealPlayer is software that not only serves as a YouTube video downloader, but more than that, because RealPlayer can play various types of video, then RealPlayer can also convert video files into other video file types. Other advantages of the RealPlayer software is integrated with iTunes and RealPlayer can also share video into the online social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Interesting is not it? To download RealPlayer for free, please go to the site located in

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