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The existence of internet connection and local network to allow transfer of data or access remote devices or remote control between PCs. One of the devices that can be accessed in this way is a USB device through the use of certain applications known as USB Redirector.
Not all the devices you usually use in office work can be redirected over the network to other work places in your office. Quite often office workers may need to use printer, scanner, webcam, etc. on different computers over the office. It may be quite an issue carrying devices back and forth, especially when your office is spread on to several floors or is situated in different buildings.

USB Redirector is one of the existing software in Eltima Software. This is small application, but allows you to access USB devices remotely via a local network or the Internet. Now, you can access a USB device that is physically installed in the office from home.
USB Redirector capable of sharing USB devices, and handles the connection device remotely. To download the sharing device, you only need to install it on both PCs that want to do remote sharing USB devices
The USB Redirection system makes a wide variety of USB devices available across a network, using either a direct network connections or Windows Terminal Services Remote Desktop Protocol. To use a remote USB device, users of the system will not have to perform any additional installation or configuration other than connecting to the remote USB device using the system.

No need to restructure the network or buy a new hardware. Just install USB to Ethernet Connector on a computer with a physically attached USB device and on the computer from which you want to use remote USB device. Everything else will be done by USB to Ethernet Connector, which organizes a connection and USB device appears on a remote PC as if it was really connected to it.

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