Trip to the exclusion zone


Tourism is one of the best means to let go of fatigue on daily routines. Besides tourism is also an excellent vehicle to get to know a new environment, love of nature and wildlife, increase knowledge, opening insights into the history, cultural value in a region, and so forth. As one example of the region as a tourist spot is an opportunity to gain knowledge and history, is Chernobyl. Chernobyl is a very famous tourist city in Ukraine, thus becoming a well-known tourist city in the world. Chernobyl tours is a trip to the exclusion zone, as it will be a tour of the most unique in that we will see once the enormity of the effects of nuclear radiation. Chernobyl tragedy happened on 26 April 1986, which is caused by the explosion of a nuclear reactor, thus resulting in a wave of radiation spread in Northern Europe. Region in the range of 30 miles have high radioactive contamination, and an estimated 9,000 people were killed.

Some travel agents in Ukraine has offered a tour of the Chernobyl area, which is the area that are closed to the public. While maintaining safety standards of the dangers of nuclear radiation, Chernobyl tours will make an unforgettable experience for tourists, besides the objective to tell the world on an important lesson about nuclear safety, and will also be a foreign exchange for the government of economic sectors. For more information about Chernobyl tours, please go to Chernobyl City site located in

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