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The hunt collection of files or applications and software over the internet is a great hobby of most users of cyberspace. Files that are hunted are manifold, such as freeware, shareware or paid files, all depending on the user and the provider of the file and the site is also hosting the provider file. Many sites that become a storage medium file and also the various methods used to be able to easily download files fast and relatively cheap. To download the file or application online can use a download manager, as well as with the leech through torrent download.

Usually if we want to download torrent files we should have a special application to download those files. It’s a kind of Torrent internet application for sharing files with a system of mutual help, it means that the file can be downloaded if anyone uploads, the term notable is the torrent seed & leech, and both must be balanced for example seed as much as 10, then leech at least between 8-12, in order to get a fast download proceedings. If you want a collection of torrent files and can download it quickly, please go to the site located at

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