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The task of writing has become a mandatory and often received by students in the educational activities at the university. Writing assignments that train students to be proactive against the courses given by lecturers, and train students to understand the course material, and criticized. Writing tasks are received by the students include: making paper, an essay, preparing research reports, resumes, reports case studies, theses, and so on. Especially for the students who are nearing the end of the lecture, it is always faced with the tasks required in the form of scientific work which is then followed by making the thesis.

This thesis is the culmination of a student writing task and is the most difficult tasks than writing tasks others. Because the thesis is structured reports in which there is a background issue or topic, then there is a hypothesis, research methodology, discussion, and so on. So that the students need thesis support from various sources, both from the literature and previous work of thesis, supervisor, seniors, and other parties are able to provide consultations on the matter or material in the thesis. If you are a student who is beginning your thesis, and want the help and support of the thesis problem, with a professional and satisfactory results, then go to the website address at

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