The Most Beautiful Place In Japan


Japan is one country in Asia that has many wonderful places to visit. Before you plan on doing  tours in Japan, there is some information about the most beautiful places in Japan you should visit:

1. Ueno Park
Sakura and Japan are two words that cannot be separated.Ueno Park is a tourist spot in Japan’s most frequently visited by tourists.
If you want to see the beauty of the cherry blossoms are blooming, come in Ueno Park in the spring. Spring’s period in Japan occurred around the beginning of March to May. This place is a favorite place for tourists.
2. Tokyo Disney Resort
A beautiful amusement park is located in Chiba prefecture and has been officially licensed from The Walt Disney Company.
3. Biei
The beautiful panoramic in Biei is a place you should visit when traveling to Japan. Biei is a very famous town in Hokkaidobecause it is surrounded by hills of the beautiful flowers.
4. Fuji-Q Highland
Japanese tourist attraction is the amusement park, which provides rides for adrenaline, one of which is a very high roller coaster with a long trajectory. Do not try this game if you have heart disease problems 🙂
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