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Software that can be called as an application, a form of development of science and technology that serves as an activator or executor of the course of a gadget, machinery, computers, servers and other hardware that is controlled by a program. Becoming more and more emerging software, from various fields of science, with various types of applied research, programming language, formulas, and so on. Where one of the goals of software development is to facilitate the performance of a device or program to another, so that human labor becomes more effective and faster. One example of software that we need to know is Software prototyping tool, called Mockup Builder. Mockup Builder is “a new look to solve the old problem with prototyping as well as sharing mockups with customers.”

Mockup Builder is software that works on windows operating system, where to use them, computers have been installed with Microsoft Silverlight. With Mockup Builder, we can easily design a great site, just a few easy steps and quick. Not only that, after the design is completed, we can perform a dynamic interaction with our clients through our website. In addition, there are many more interesting features and sophisticated to be found in this Mockup Builder program. Complete guide to using Mockup Builder, then we can do download of this software for free by visiting the site located at

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