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YouTube video files that we download can only be played on computers, laptops, tablet PCs, and other advanced gadgets that already support with flash or FLV, and is installed with a media player that can play FLV files. So, if you want to store and play back FLV files from YouTube on your phone, then you have to convert or edit any video FLV to 3GP or MP4 format (video format supported by mobile phone). How to convert / change the FLV videos from YouTube to 3GP that can be played on mobile phones is to use FLV Converter software. One of the powerful software to convert FLV to 3GP is the Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7. Not only to the 3GP format, but many more types of video that can be produced with Xilisoft Video Converter, such as MPEG, MP4, MOV, WMV, Xvid, MKV, DivX, and so on. Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7 can convert various kinds of videos to other video formats, audio, and image, with the rapid and accurate results.

There are many other advantages to be gained from Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7, such as the ease to transfer the converted files, to a variety of portable media including the iPad and iPhone, and easy to import files from a digital camera, and many more powerful features that presented by Xilisoft Video Converter Ultimate 7. You can download the best video converter software, or also buy it online at You will get a special discount when purchasing software from the site. For more information about computer software and the software discount codes, please go to the website located at

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