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In line with the broader production of computers and computer networks in this era, it is also developing software to meet individual needs. The software can differentiate into the system software responsible for handling internal and software applications that are used directly by users for specific purposes. Automation that is in the software leads to a kind of artificial intelligence.

Currently the software is there everywhere, not just on a desktop computer, a handheld computer has also been equipped with software that can be in sync with the PC. Not just computers, even appliances such as telephones, TVs, up to a washing machine, air conditioner and microwave, has been implanted to regulate the operation of the software tool. Making a software no longer work one or two people, but has become the work of many people, with several stages of a process that involves multiple disciplines in its design. Many emerging companies and software developers, as well as marketing agents, both online and offline. So much software available on the internet with the type of license types, namely: Freeware, shareware, adware and open source. A lot of freeware type software that supports various types of applications such as multimedia, graphics, games, shopping, web building, education, engineering, security, internet and server, antivirus, utilities and so on. To get all the freeware category of software that is more detailed and complete software catalog, please visit

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