Skype Android application


The rapid use of mobile phones on every person in modern times, making the mobile phone vendors is competing to create a modern mobile phone. Creation of modern cell phones by the vendor, the more varied ranging from mobile phone models, this type of display, to the type of operating system embedded on the phone. Development of new phones spawned several class phones, like iPhone, windows mobile, android phone, blackberry, and so on. Follow from the development of these types of phones, the mobile phone software vendors did not want to miss. Applications for mobile phone makers that used only java-based, has now developed in accordance with a system that is embedded in modern cell phones.

One of the operating system is a mainstay of modern cell phone is android. With android, cell phone gadgets are increasingly becoming not just for calling, SMS, and photography only. With mobile phones becoming increasingly sophisticated android is like a mini computer. In terms of applications chat, Skype is an application which is used by computers to communicate over the Internet, whether it is text messaging, voice, and video. With skype android application, we can enjoy Skype chat function normally performed by the computer into an Android phone. Very practical, is not it? So, we need not bother anymore to chat with friends through Skype using a computer, just install the Skype Android application on the phone, and then we can easily, casually, and in any place to chat with friends or companions. Even more interesting, that this Skype Android application can be downloaded for free on the site

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