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glass shower doorPart of our homes are also very important is the bathroom, but must be kept clean from the bathroom, clear and smooth water used for bathing should also be considered. Then to choose the material used for the bathroom door or shower door we are quite dependent on the category of the bathroom. Could use a wooden door, PVC or vinyl doors, aluminum doors, and also shower doors glass.

To the bathroom in which there is a bathtub, toilet, and sink in one area, usually quite wet bathroom. Unlike the case with some people who have a bathroom shower area in their bathroom. The presence of bath tub or shower area while providing a special area to get wet. So that other areas remain dry plain is classified in the bathroom to dry. There are several options for the bathroom door with the various advantages of each.
1.) PVC shower door
Materials on this one has many advantages, namely anti-corrosion, resistant to weather changes, and anti-termite, too many color choices. If you want to look more appealing, you can choose a panel with wood grain patterns, or various other motifs to suit your taste. While weaknesses easily damaged on its hinges, because the hinges are made of PVC to withstand the load, while the bolt is made of iron or the like so easy to crack.

2.) Aluminum shower door
Resistance to moisture and rust, making suitable aluminum applied to the wet bathroom. Also the price is relatively cheaper. So be more thrifty, because aluminum is clearly more durable than wood. However, it looks too rigid often makes people drop their intention to use these materials in the apartment, luxury housing, and so on.

3.) Wood shower door
Wood panel was chosen because it can provide a solid appearance. In fact, the material this one is the most fragile material. Insecurity to the humid conditions and changes in temperature and weather, which makes it brittle. If your bathroom including the shower wet, should avoid the use of wood materials. If continually exposed to water splashes, you will quickly wooden doors weathered and porous even at risk of collapse. To dry the bathroom, use of wood panels can be applied. In the dry bath, rare splashes of water. So that the wood material can last longer.

4.) Glass shower door
Glass material used for shower area or to separate wet and dry areas, dry in the bathroom. You can choose clear glass or frosted glass types. The thickness of the glass used is usually reached 5 mm or 10 mm. Shower Screen (Shower room glass) require regular maintenance. Water splashes often leave stains on the glass surface. However, maintenance is relatively easy. You just need to wipe the glass with liquid glass cleaner, then the stain was caused by splashing water can be lost.
One of the famous model of the glass shower door is the CE certified (KLD-F140P-2), with some of its features is the Shower Door with CE and CCC Product Approvals Component: High Class Auto Glass, 6463 Aluminum Frame, 304 Stainless Steel hinges and Handles, Door Type: Sliding Door, Shape: Door-Shaped, and so on. We can know the details of these types of doors, and glass shower door can get it easily through the website located at

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