Runtime Intelligence


In the world of business development, utilization of information technology has increasingly made progress. Many opportunities that can be achieved through information to support decision making in accordance with the business processes of enterprises. One form of implementation that supports enterprise business process is abbreviated with Business Intelligence or BI, which included a runtime intelligence as a component of BI. Range of ability that can be done by BI, among others, collect, store, analyze and access data that helps in the decision making process in the form of query, reporting, OLAP (Online Analytical Processing), forecasting, and data mining.

Mobile is one form of software that is popular today, so many applications that use these technologies. Almost all people have mobile phones as a means of communication. With rapid technological developments, various mobile phone models are equipped with advanced features that can load applications – applications that are increasingly complex.
With the ease of use of mobile phones, mobile applications more attractive then the public interest in supporting business processes. With mobile technology, the optimal business intelligence capabilities in helping the decision making process with a graphical display that will monitor the sales process. For more detail and depth of platform and software associated with the Business Intelligence and other statistical software please visit the website

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