Ruby on Rails Saint Louis


The need for a website as a medium of information, learning media, online business, forums, and media work, and so a mandatory option for entrepreneurs and marketing practitioners and the modern business world. When we talk about web certainly is endless so many updates and many emerging framework that aims to facilitate further development. Among the software or applications that are used to build modern web-based applications, as a framework and sophisticated web-based applications are rails, built with Ruby rails. Ruby rails allow the development of web-based applications that are not only fast but also structured with a series owned. Ruby rails now have a framework that is being developed in the world of web. In fact, the author is optimistic framework to fulfill his dream is to make Ruby rails capable of competing with mainstream technology in the world of enterprise applications, such as. NET and Java.

More and more developers these rails ruby-based applications in the various countries, by creating a variety of good quality applications and powerful. Railsware is one enterprise application developers, located at Saint Louis, MO, USA which has experienced since 2009. Several applications have been made, among others SuperJobPost, Piro, PivotalBooster, Mailtrap, and so on. As a team of professionals who are members of a company, then Railsware not only develop applications based on Ruby, but a variety of programming and controlled platform, such as RSpec, JQuery, Nginx, MySQL, HTML, JavaScript, etc.

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