Resume Example


Resume or brief history containing the experience and skills of a person applying for a job, it is very crucial to whether or not the applicants are selected to enter the next stage in the recruitment and selection of employees. Well-crafted resume will make the reader (recruiter) in evaluating the qualifications possessed by the applicant. The importance of creating a resume that is designed specifically (and not plagiarizing other people resume models) is often not realized by the applicant. In many cases, they often found that the applicant actually use the resume format is standard and monotonous, so sometimes it is less attractive to the recruiter.

To consider in making a resume, is to consider whether the existing format of the resume is correct and in accordance with the skills and background of our education. Many ways we can do to make a good resume, weighty and not monotonous. One way is to read the resume example, and then we resume it though and vary according to educational background and expertise. To see a variety of resume examples are weighted, please go to the website located at

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