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Writing research reports,  research paper, scientific papers are often a problem for someone who has completed a scientific research proposal, or even carry out research. Various reasons such as busy, little time, absence costs often become a weapon to defend himself on the helplessness in resolving scientific research reports. As a result, after months of scientific research carried reports of the results has not been completed. Many cases, students who have completed the state exam are still in limbo and cannot pass, because it has not completed thesis or a thesis. Resolving scientific reports or research paper is closely related to writing activities. As we understand, writing is a skill in grammar is still a problem and an obstacle to many students at the university.

Writing skills cannot be born of a sudden. Collaboration required between linguistic talents with insight. Birth talents spirit writing, and linguistic insights into stock for skilled writing. Talent alone is not enough, because as a skill, like riding a horse, writing activities need to be trained or sharpened. The more frequent practice, the ability to write, the better. And more specifically to prepare a scientific paper such as research papers, should be added to the ability of research methods, data collection, data processing, and mastery of materials research. For more information about research reports and research papers, or you want to find a solution to the task of research is being compiled, please go to the website located at

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