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Technological developments must always follow, even though we are just as passive party is as lovers and users of technology. In the world of computers and networking software, known as the VPN technology. VPN technology is a technology that uses a public network which is very vulnerable to data theft. For that, a VPN uses encryption method for scrambling data passing. With the encryption technology, the security of data becomes more assured. Although there are those who can tap into the data path through the Internet, even the VPN itself, but not necessarily be able to read the data, because the data has been randomized. So, confidentially is intended that the transmitted information should only be accessed by the right user group.

The more VPN providers on the market and on the internet, offering a variety of prices, discounts and a variety of features, so it can sometimes create confusion for us, for the first time to use the VPN Services. Anonymity Network is the right solution for us to subscribe to a reliable VPN, secure and powerful. VPN providers not only provide a VPN service with a nice tool, but also provide a trial version for consumers before attempting to subscribe to a VPN. Some of the features offered here include: Strong Encryption, 1024bit key, Fast VPN connection, PPTP, OpenVPN UDP, Give you a new IP, hide your IP, Unblock any VOIP Applications such as Skype, bypass all restrictions blocking web sites, VPN Servers locations: U.S., UK, CA, DE, NL, and much more. For more information and to use a reliable VPN service, go to the website located at

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