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Proxy server is a program that acts as a gateway to the virtual world for each client computer, or PC, and how to use a proxy is pretty easy. Proxies can be interpreted as a standard technique to gain internet access along with several computers at once in a series of points or a LAN through a modem or a communication channel. Definitions for the actual proxy server are a server computer or a computer program that could serve to be another computer in a request or a demand for the content of the internet and intranet content.

The use of this proxy is easy. You just need to click the “Options” menu on the toolbar you have Mozilla Firefox. Next, select the tab “Advanced” and then later select “Network”, and then the next step is select “Settings”. Then, enter the IP and port in the port itself. That means using a proxy server which was using the proxy that it is quite easy. Basically, the tips or how to use proxy quite easily when compared to other programs. The important thing is you have to open the provider address of the proxy, proxy list to be able to get a quick and active. Many sites that offer Proxy list, with a variety of speed and the active proxy, either paid or free service. Do not risk your chosen proxy, because it could not obtain the connection speed, but instead you get disappointed. Not only speed we expect to use a proxy, but also factor in the browsing privacy and security. You only need one place to get the right proxy list and powerful, and safe for browsing the Internet, using the services of Fine Proxy. For consultation and more information about a proxy, please go to its website located at

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