Proposal Software


Marketing as an important part of a business, be it a business of goods, services, and organization is very necessary required for the existence and spirit in promoting the product to the consumer. With a variety of technologies and methods used in marketing, both from the concept of advertising, advertising technology, to attract advertising materials and media used, also a mainstay in the marketing process to attract consumers, with results expected to be more effective and more profitable.

In addition to marketing methods and technologies applied in supporting the process of marketing, business development agencies must perform a process of cooperation with other parties. Cooperation process is often referred to as business partners or trading partners, which begins with the submission of proposals to prospective business partners. Proposals submitted must be attractive, convincing and real with existing conditions so that our cooperation can be approved by the prospective business partners. In preparing the proposal, we can use the proposal software called Quote Roller. With this software, we can easily and quickly develop proposals, and then send the results to the intended party. Also available are many interesting proposals templates that can be selected as needed. To get a “software proposal”, please visit the website address at

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