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How accurate and precise the language we use to construct an essay or article writing? Using language course should understand the rules that apply in the preparation of its structure. To explore the extent to which effective and appropriate language Spelling and grammar rules are standard, then it should pay attention to word choice, sentence effective preparation, and use of punctuation, correct spelling, and proper grammar. Appropriate word choice is the choice of words that correspond with the context of meaning. Proper diction is the ability of a word to inflict the same idea in the reader’s imagination. Sentence is said to be effective when it can make the process of delivery and receipt of it went perfectly. Able to create an effective sentence, the content or the message it illustrated perfectly the mind of the receiver (reader / listener), which is exactly what was delivered.

Coherence is a good mutual relationship and clearly the elements that make up the sentence. How does the subject and predicate, predicate and object relationships, as well as describing the elements of the sentence. Parallelism is a good tool to put ideas into the same function in the same structure. If one idea is placed in the structure of the noun, the words or phrases are also placed within the structure of the object, if one idea is placed in the structure of the verb other words are also placed within the structure of the verb. If you are putting together articles or essays, and you need others to do the checking and editing, so that your article to be perfect in terms of spelling, grammar and content, then use proofreading and editing services from a site located in http://best-editing

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