Phenomenon of Cheating


Infidelity phenomena in the work environment is usually started with small things like eating lunch together, SMS, chat, social media, etc.. The current trend also may begin an affair of the karaoke joint, dating in discotheques, dimly lit atmosphere with the beat of the music, and the warmth of alcohol a trigger and passionate love. If you have this, only a few people are able to not pass them in bed inn, hotel or villa. And terrible again, the audience of the world most nights of the young executive who is likely already has a partner. The phenomenon of cheating that plagued the company manager is usually caused due to the demands of the job. The term entertainment or lobbying to streamline business sometimes cannot escape from this world. Casual meeting over lunch, usually followed by “intimate ceremony” at night. This lifestyle is not likely to be one of the causes of the affair, free sex, sex clubs, and so on.

For us men who may be too busy and preoccupied to pursue a career meetings with the intensity of a limited partner, also for the women who always left a couple for work or business, it’s good to be aware and begin to set the rhythm of life. Expand communication with your partner can with SMS, telephone or chat just reminded lunch etc. Will also need to watch their “manager syndrome”, which usually affects young executives, as work placements as far from the pair distribution minimal biological desire to plunge on infidelity. If it had, then still consider a healthy sexual behavior, so as not to catch the disease or other dangers that threaten. Whatever be your choice and desire, it is appropriate for us to be careful and ready for responsibly with all its effects in the future.

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