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PDFSplitterFor those who does it often, create a PDF file is a plain and simple. But for those who rarely play around with computers and have not been made will certainly find it difficult. Files that we usually convert to PDF are a file DOC, RTF, XLS, TXT, PPT, JPEG, and so on.
Some of the reasons why changing those files into PDF extension, among others:
– If the file is converted to PDF then this file will have a size slightly smaller than DOC or PPT files.
– By turning it into a PDF file, the file will not be edited more easily because of having to go through the PDF conversion process that can be done with the help of specific software or tools.
– There are many uses if we change the file into a PDF. For example PPT file that has been converted to PDF, where in one page PDF can accommodate 4 slides PPT, it will be easier for us to print the document.

There are so many ways that we can do to be able to perform the conversion of file-specific extension file into a PDF file, can use the online PDF conversion services on the website, can use a PDF conversion tool and can also use special software to convert files into PDF files. Now the problem is how easy that we can split pdf into multiple PDF pages in accordance with our wishes? Use a tool named PDF Splitter; this is a tool that can split PDF files quickly, easily and accurately. This tool has the features include:
– Split PDF file by pages (each page into a separate file)
– Extract only selected pages (ie 1-5, 10-13, 28-30)
– Split PDF by bookmarks (you select the depth of bookmarks)
– Split PDF by blank pages (set as many blank pages as you like as your delimiter).
You can download this PDF Splitter for free, by visiting the site http://split-pdf.com/


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