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Internet usage is increasingly experiencing a very high increase. This is supported because of the level of economic necessity and the higher population, and is also offset by the availability of hardware and software technologies are increasingly capable. The main sites are most frequently accessed by the user when opening internet is Search Engines. The search engine is a computer program designed to help a person find the files that are stored on a website, for example, in a public web server. Function of the search engine with the definition of the machine itself, which helps people to find the files or information, is needed, which serves as a terminal for to other websites that provide information or data that we are looking for. Files and information needed may include documents, PDF files, software, video, apps, games, music, shopping, sports information, and so on.

Currently, many search engines are available, among others: http://www.yahoo.com/, http://www.google.com/, http://www.bing.com/, etc. In search easier we have to write down the keywords that will be approached with the information we were looking for, i.e. the search field. Search engines such input models still are global, so sometimes the results we are looking for non-specific results. If we want to find a PDF file and not very long process to get it, then we should use sites that provide PDF Search Engine. Look for and find any type of PDF file you need, using the facility to pdf search, at a site located in http://pdf.name

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