Password protect folders Windows 7


Using a computer is an activity that is now a staple of modern humans, both by students and employees in government agencies, employees in private offices, and also by the businessman and social workers and others. All facets and types of work performed is always associated with the computer, either directly or indirectly. So as a consequence is all the data that we do with computer security and privacy must be maintained, both safe and secure from virus attacks the human behavior, such as data theft or deletion of data. To keep data from virus attacks, can be done by installing an antivirus program on your computer, while maintaining data security either in the form of data files and folders is to use the help folder protection software.

Protection on files and folders usually done by giving a password on folders, hide folders and encrypt the folder so it can not be accessed by others without knowing the password. Lock My Drive is a very appropriate tool as the password protect folders windows 7. With an attractive interface and its use is easy, but very powerful in its functionality then my drive lock software shall be used as a program to secure your files and folders from theft, copying and removal by others. To download Lock My Drive software for free, please visit

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