Password Change for SharePoint


With SharePoint 2010 program allows you to create and use a website, while the wiki allows you to publish information on the article or to collaborate with customers and colleagues. Weblog and wiki template site is offered only two. In addition there is a team site for collaboration, the search center or other applicable template for business tasks such as marketing, sales management or IT management. Becomes a reasonable, that there are things that can interfere with the performance of a program, for example, is a problem encountered in SharePoint, which is a problem in changing password for a particular user without the help of the site administrator. But this need not be a protracted problem because there is software that can handle it, that is HarePoint.

HarePoint Password Change for SharePoint 2010 allows end users to change their own password in a SharePoint web site and notifies consumers when their password is about to expire. Simply add the internet piece to the SharePoint intranet or extranet portal as well as allow authorized users easily manage their own passwords. After installing HarePoint Password Change for SharePoint, a new option will be available in the users’ main dropdown menu. Additionally you can add a password web part, either on the password change and password expiration. For more information about HarePoint software and you can also download a free HarePoint, please visit the site located at

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