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Exam or test is one of the stages that must be passed by any student or students to get good grades in order to graduate or move up a level. While for others, the test is also a step that must be taken and must be passed, when a person is about to enter one of the universities or the workplace. All of us when faced with the test, then that could be the main hope are pass the test with satisfactory results. Everyone can set goals and develop a plan and schedule. However, only students who are able to take action that is consistent every day that will get good results. You have to get used to read textbooks, take notes, and repeat it every day, also trained by test exercises. If you are like most other students, who just relaxed and did not learn to persevere in the face of the test, then you will be stuck in laziness and procrastination every time. Sometimes you feel do not want to learn, especially after a bad feeling about something, or find it difficult with certain subjects.

Many tips and ways to be prepared when going for tests and exams, in order to graduate with results in line with expectations. Some things we need to watch and do, among others;

1. Define clear goals; this is important because the goals you set will determine how you learn and of course the result. Is if you specify a value of 100 in math, you will learn a very different way than you intended to get the value of 60? Of course, when you are aiming to get a value of 100, your brain knows that there should not be any mistakes.

2. Planning and Scheduling; you can set extraordinary goals that you want. But you will not be able to achieve it without the planning and scheduling of time will guide you to know when to start to learn, when to rest, and when to stop learning. You have to learn how to create an overall plan to achieve goals and how to master the time with the right itinerary. And many more tips pass the test you can do. For more complete information about the tips and tricks to pass the tests, please open a site located in

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