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End of semester exams and the test is a condition that must be thoroughly prepared in advance by learning and doing drills or working on the pre-test. To perform the test exercises can be done using the exam questions in the previous year and by working on a collection of questions that correspond to the class or the semester. We can use the dictates of matter or question bank in person at the library, on-site tutoring, bought at the bookstore, and also do practice tests online tutoring site, and also pretest online.

Some other tips that need to be considered by students before the exams are:
1. Avoid studying in a state of stress; force myself to learn, while we’re “not want to learn” will lead us in a state of distress, which eventually felt “forced” to learn.

2. Learning with full emotions; know the emotional state of self-awareness is very important to train ourselves, because we will know whether we are already feeling quite mastered the material, or still feels a bit in mastering the material to be tested.

3. Try to practice tests online, so we feel the nuances of different learning and of good quality. Please open a site located in, to start an online practice test.

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