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Every day we are always using technology, minimum is always the technological tools in it relating to software, such as mobile phones and computers. As a function of technological tools often supported by software and apps, so often comes with a security feature that is password or locking feature. The use of passwords course with general purpose device that we are protected privacy by interference from others. In its development not only technological devices have a password feature, but many programs, software and applications, too many which use the password feature to run. One of the examples that we often use is the password feature on your online accounts, such as email, internet banking, social networking accounts, account groups, and so on. As for features that are used offline password, the password can be used in the operating system software, applications or programs, such as word processor, processor numbers, accounting software, office applications, and so on.

One of the most word-processing programs often we use every day is Microsoft Word. MS Word is one part of the MS Office program that is to process said application, such as texting, making graphics, create tables, write letters, make banners, and so on. Because the document is the result of data processing or word processing numbers, then sometimes the documents are confidential, so MS Office in password features provides facilities for document protection. As ideal factors of manufacturing password of course is a combination of letters and numbers and the ASCII code, making it difficult for others to guess. However, because of our uniqueness in a password, of course our own sometimes even forget the password that we have done. To forget your password, of course makes us weary to open the document. There is no need to panic when experiencing confusion or forgotten password from MS Office documents, because you can easily get to the recovery password to the document. Use password recovery software called Office Password Recovery Lastic. You can easily, quickly and accurately restore the lost document password, or forgotten password. Please you download a password recovery software Lastic, with open sites located in

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