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One of Kickstarter projects that interest gamers today are Oculus Rift. VR headset is a lot of developer attention, one of which is John Carmack and he said Doom 4 will support Oculus Rift. Besides that, there are many people who are interested in this product, Kickstarter now they’ve got 1.6 million dollars. Forum gamers in too many different sites that discuss Oculus Rift, both in terms of advantages and disadvantages. And likewise for Oculus Rift Developer Community, which always discuss to get a lot of input from the observer of software, gamers and general computer expert. From the first time the idea of VR Headset inception, innovation has been sounded promising. And now Oculus Rift trying to perfect it. With the idea of “making gamers seemed to exist in the game”, of course it could be the dream of any gamer.

The more sophisticated gaming technology today. Virtual reality that has impressed gamers merely wishful thinking in general, going to be realized in the favorite games that we usually only play on the TV screen. An obviously interesting experience, regardless of the possibility that must be very tiring. Oculus Rift exciting to be talks because of the presence of Oculus Rift which is a VR headset will definitely give you a new experience that makes us as if it was directly in the game. For more in-depth discussion about Oculus Rift, please visit the website located at http://oculusrift.com/

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