Nitecore Tiny Monster TM15


Looking flashlight for lighting needs in the dark and at night time or for the ascent is quite important to note. Moreover, choosing a flashlight to climb, it is very important for the outdoors when night falls there is no light in them, so we need tools that lights the flame bright flashlight with batteries lasting. Flashlights are lighting tools that are practical and easy to use; the options available are also aplenty. But we must be good to choose a good flashlight to everyday needs, for climbing or for camping. Factors to consider in choosing a flashlight is durable, flame powerful, waterproof, and lightweight carry.

Modern flashlight that meets the above criteria is flashlight Nitecore Tiny Monster TM15. Nitecore flashlight is a flashlight that is designed for the benefit of modern lighting in all terrain and weather with the flame of a strong, long-lasting power, and also light to carry. Specifications of this flashlight among other things, length: 158mm 6:22 inches, lamp diameter: 60mm 2:36 inches, tube diameter: 50mm 1.97 inches, weight: 447g 1 pounds (without battery). This NITECORE Tiny Monster TM15 torchlight is the most compact rechargeable torchlight with the luminous power of 2.450 lm in the world. To purchase this powerful flashlight at a low price, go to the website located at

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