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Download songs and music is a very popular activity for Internet users, because it is more efficient does not have to buy the cd and cassette, simply looking at a search engine like Google, then you will come across so many sites on the internet that offers downloadable songs, MP3 music free, and you just go and select your favorite song and then download or play live in person. Not only through the internet-connected laptop, but with a tablet PC or smartphone can easily browse various kinds of songs and singers, and then we download and save it in the gadget. Various types of genres of music that we can get on the internet, be it rock, pop, jazz, ballads, memory, punk, trash, metal, hip-hop, classic, reggae, and so on up also on the type of instrumental music. In general, the format of the music files that we download or buy from online sites is the MP3 format, because this format is a file formats that most good music and familiar in almost all advanced gadgets today. So easily we get a collection of songs and music from the internet, until a lot of us are not aware that the music files that we download a pirated product or not.

Lack of supervision of the government and related parties of the existence of websites that contain copyright infringement of songs and music. Copyright lack of understanding among the public, it is causing more and more people search for songs by keyword free download music from illegal websites. The high word search is becoming an inspiration for those seeking to make money on the internet with websites containing songs copyright infringement. If you are a fan of pop music and a fan of IKONOMOPOULOS NIKOS (oikonomopoulos ennoite), and you are personally appreciate copyrighted works, then please enjoy the tunes of IKONOMOPOULOS NIKOS, by downloading it at Music Bazzar’s site, located in

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