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The development of the technology on mobile devices requires the development of software that is in line with the development of hardware devices on mobile devices such as mobile phones, pocket pc, smartphone, gaming console and multimedia pocket Nowadays mobile device users not only find a standalone application but with a mobile device can use mobile web applications the same as web access from a laptop, albeit with some limitations.

Mobile web or mobile site aims to access wireless data services by using mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and portable devices that are connected to a telecommunications network provider. Mobile web access via mobile devices needs to be designed with the limitations of mobile devices such as a cell phone that has a screen with a limited size or some limitations on a mobile device. But it is simply different from mobile devices to desktop computers, so many factors that the thresholds that should be noticed when building a mobile web, one of which is the availability of data in real-time or periodic updates when the data changes on the website.

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