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How to create your mobile application?

You want to create your own mobile application. You already have a cool idea but you do not know how to start. First of all it is necessary to check App Store and Android market, maybe there are already hundreds of similar apps. If your app cannot offer some new features, has no advantages, then probably it is better to look for another great idea. However, if you think that your app will be very competitive or even better your solutions has no competitors at all, then hurry up and develop it as soon as possible.

Now you need to select a reliable partner. Many companies are offering mobile development services. Send them short description of your app and ask for time and cost estimation. Be sure to sign an agreement with it service company. This agreement should contain all information about ownership of the application. Most of companies ask for prepayment. It is advisable to avoid such companies and deal with people which agree for post-pay. Once your product is ready put it on the market and start promotional campaign. Use social networks, web ads, forums etc. It is good to have a unique web site to promote your app and a video clip about your app to put it on YouTube. Infopulse Ukraine does mobile development since 2007. Infopulse offers reliable and budget Iphone, Ipad and Android development services. Just send short description of your app and get a free time and cost estimation.

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