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In the century of this millennium, developments in science and technology so rapidly, followed by a variety of discovery and creation of objects is the result of technological developments. Mobile is one of the various objects of technological developments. With the sophistication of current technology, the demands of mobile development becomes an important arena for the development of creativity and variation of the developers and mobile phone manufacturers. Phone function not only as a means of regular communication, but people can also access the Internet, SMS, MMS, pictures taken and also send data to each other, both from close range and distance with GPRS technology.

In addition to ease in communication, data exchange, mobile development is now equipped with various software and applications based on Java technology, Symbian, windows mobile, android, and so on. The software developers working with mobile phone manufacturers in order to meet the demanding needs of consumers who are more advanced and varied, thus producing various brand mobile phones with various types and of varying features. Not just stop there, the developers mobile also always optimize its research to make the phone not only as a means of communication and exchange of data, but now make the phone as both a human friend after the computer, so many technologies and applications on the computer can be adopted as an application on mobile phones . For more details about the company’s mobile development Elinext Group please visit the website address at

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