Mitsubishi Auto Parts Catalog


If you want to take care of your car properly, maintain or raise the price of your car, and restore the condition of your car like a new car as it would require some way to take care of the car so the car still excellent condition. Here are some tips that need to be regularly in your car, in addition to keeping a car that still excellent, durable and will save the cost of service.

1. Check the condition of the engine
Replace engine oil and fluids regularly, do not let the machine easily worn out due to lack of oil and engine fluid that serves as a coolant. Use engine oil recommended by your car’s official shop.
2. Check condition of tires
Especially when you use it frequently for long trips then the condition of the thin tires would be very dangerous for your safety. More simply try to change a tire on a regular basis for each use as far as 5-8 thousand miles. Also check the tire pressure, adjust to the manufacturer’s recommendations are usually listed in the manual of your vehicle. Clean up all the brake-dust, dirty conditions, continuous heat and cold can cause the brakes not functioning properly.
3. Check for electrical cars
Before examining the car electrical parts should remove the battery and disconnect the battery first flow to prevent surge.
4. Check the condition of the lamp
Lighting is an important part, especially for those of you who often drive at night, check to see if it still works normally. If one of your turn signal flashing faster than it should, meaning that no lights are broken inside. Such lamps are easily replaced, you simply look at the nearest automotive shop.
5. Service station
Perform periodic checks to maximize the condition of your car to a repair shop that provides a professional and a complete parts. If your car is a Mitsubishi, then the garage must have a Mitsubishi spare parts catalogue that allows you to select the spare parts quickly and accurately. For auto parts catalog from other car brands you can see on the site

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