Medical Informatics Degrees


The increasing level of society also affects the public health perspective. The high awareness of health makes people want to know all things related to health. Public health scholars and medical informatics degrees, is an example of the graduates in the fields of health, which can help to promote good health in the community. Undergraduate public health or medical degree, and graduate medical informatics created to develop the capability and competence in managing public health issues and implementing health technologies, to further find solutions efficiently and effectively.

Many medical scholars, who still think of college, they can only work and focus on the Health Department and Community Health Center. Because it could be a career as Hospital Manager, Medical Records Manager, Hospital Marketing Manager, Manager Health Insurance, Insurance Bank and Financial Consultant, a pharmaceutical company manager, etc. And in fact there are many more careers suitable to handle, due to a variety of conditions and a variety of job prospects there are not filled by public health personnel and medical scholars, even some filled by workers from other areas of science. For more information about employment and career prospects of medical scholars, and also to see more about the careers of graduates of medical informatics, please go to the website located at

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