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Every time when we are in a place that many people, then surely we find they’re busy playing with the phone. The more models of phones that can be found at this time, from a model of java phone, Symbian, android to the Smartphone, such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, and so on. The more dynamic development of mobile technology, the more varied are the technologies that support software applications on mobile phones, including in terms of internet connectivity. As we know together, that the existence of internet technology in mobile phones, increase the effectiveness of individuals to access information, entertainment, and communications with rapid and extensive.

One of the entertainment facilities that can be enjoyed with the iPhone via the internet is to open the YouTube site. YouTube is the largest video sharing site that exists today, where we can access a variety of videos available through the iPhone and other gadgets. There’s a variety of video that we can see directly through the buffering process, and we download to be stored. If the file is downloaded a FLV file, then we need to do the conversion so that the file can be played on iPhone. Then how to do a convert YouTube video to iPhone for free? The answer is to use software called MediaVigor YouTube Downloader. We can convert YouTube video files to various video file types that support the iPhone. To download a free MediaVigor YouTube Downloader, please visit the website address at

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