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A student will always find the task of the teacher is called research. Research activities can aim to explore, describe, explain, prove or implement a symptom, concept or allegations, or to make a model. Define the objectives to be achieved specifically which are a condition that is expected to happen after the new research is completed. Purpose of the study should have links or relationships that are relevant to the problem to be investigated. An example is the study of life of people who famous in a field study to determine their experiences, how their efforts to research and discover what are now regarded as a matter of course. The process of preparing a research paper or research report is preceded by the determination of the theme or topic of research, and the research proposal. And after completion of the research proposal, then start writing research paper, starting from the background, the formulation of the problem, research methodology, and so on, until at the conclusion.

The process of preparing research reports or research papers should be thoroughly mastered by the student, from the knowledge of the selected topic, have supporting data, has the literature as a reference, have expertise in methodology, grammar, and formatting write good research reports. If all of that is compromised, the collateral value of university and other research tasks will make good, and vice verse. The process to make the task of writing on campus, including other reseach papers is to be done by learning, practicing and consulting directly to the experts. For a more complete flow of information, and consult on the task of creating a research paper or other writing assignment, please go to Master Essay site located in

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