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The rapid development of the computer software, software for graphics, audio, video, statistics, finance, animation, engineering, and so on. In addition to the software is a software installer, portable software is also available, where practical software which can be directly used without the need to install it to your computer. Moreover, now many portable software that we can use online on the internet. Software or online application, of course it would be easier for us to use the software that we previously did not have or maybe that is not possible for us to use on our computers. So many software and online applications can be found, from the type of music editing applications, video editing software, photo editing apps, apps to make gif online converter software, and so on.

One of the applications that we can use online in a fast, easy and a good result is to make a gif online application; the application is presented by GifGear site. On this site we could make a gif online, with the facility that supports pictures from your computer to an online converted into gif format, and the picture we can add AutoShape menu or another menu. As soon as practical, fast, and we’ll find it easier to create the image that we have, so that the picture will become more attractive. To try it, please visit GifGear site located in

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