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Magento is one of the CMS or application and software to create a website that is very rich in features and a very elegant design. The increase in the number of users may not be as fast as other CMS, which is not foreign to our ears sounded like Joomla Virtuemart, and several others are devoted to CMS based eCommerce platform, but gradually presence Magento CMS has become one based eCommerce platform and the shopping chart favored now. One of the most popular features in Magento is the ability to manage multiple websites and stores are made from a single back-end. It allows store owners to manage stores on different URLs, with a view of the same product in different languages at the same URL, along with various other setups. If you’re only going to sell products from one URL in one language, then you do not need to use this function. This unique ability to be one more value Magento, compared to other CMS allows users to expand the online market.

As a partner and a complement of existence Magento CMS, the development of Magento themes became more varied and continues to grow rapidly, both free themes, and Magento premium theme. Many of the benefits gained by using premium themes, themes include elegant design and fast load, the freedom to better utilize existing features in theme, theme design customization maximum, and so on. Many sites that offer Magento themes, both free and premium, with various designs, features and prices themes. One site that is right for you to get a variety of options from Magento themes is

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